“Étage Magazine” is a culture and informational periodical edition created with high esteem towards both its readers and heroes. This magazine covers processes in the world of arts, culture, design, science and architecture from a root idea to a final embodiment and describes every stage: source of inspiration, personal convictions, techniques, made decisions, challenges, discoveries, fresh approaches and ultimate outcomes. “Étage Magazine” has determined its core values – quality, profoundness and palate, it conveys unobvious without any distortions.

“Étage Magazine” maintains special aesthetics, which is restrained and minimalist, created through blending of almost forgotten past and contemporary design trends. This synthesis as a visual component of the magazine harmoniously supports heroes and their stories.

Overriding visible borders, “Étage Magazine” is an outcome of efforts of a group of associates from Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Italy, united by a general idea – desire to share.